What is BIG?

The Boston Innovation Gateway (BIG) was founded in 2014 and it is affiliated to the Global Leader in innovation consulting IXL Center (IXL), with locations all over the world and headquartered in Cambridge, MA. IXL has been recognized multiple times by Forbes as one of the best US consulting companies in innovation, growth & new business models.


BIG carries an unique heritage in consulting, innovation and education through its affiliate company – IXL Center and its founders.


Hitendra Patel photo

Hitendra Patel

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Ronald Jonashl

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Manuel Mendes

We are connectors, innovators and venture builders.

We aim high.

<strong>We</strong> aim high.
We help our clients to get connected to the world and look beyond their horizons because we believe only innovators can survive.

We think big.

<strong>We</strong> think big.
We help our clients to expand their footprint in global reach because we believe the big growth is about breaking the barriers.

We have skin on the game.

<strong>We</strong> have skin on the game.
We provide full support to our clients because we believe they need the best team on their side if they are doing something new and unknown for the first time.

Do you have doubts?

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